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The Skull and Portraits of George Buchanan (Scottish Historian) Pearson 1926

The Skull and Portraits of George Buchanan (Scottish Historian) Pearson 1926

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The Skull and Portraits of George Buchanan

By Karl Pearson

Reprinted from Biometrika and issued to subscribers only [1926], Cambridge. First Edition , Hardback, 24 pages of text, with frontispiece, 32 plates, and 6 tissues of cranial contours in the pocket at rear.

A good copy. The binding is good. All contents present and the pages are good throughout.

George Buchanan, (born February 1506, Killearn, Stirlingshire, Scot.—died Sept. 29, 1582, Edinburgh), Scottish Humanist, educator, and man of letters, who was an eloquent critic of corruption and inefficiency in church and state during the period of the Reformation in Scotland. He was also known throughout Europe as a scholar and a Latin poet.

Buchanan's skull

Buchanan, who died in poverty, had directed that what little money he had should be given to the poor, rather than be spent on the erection of a tombstone. The location of his burial plot was known to the Reverend John Adamson who was Principal of Edinburgh University from 1623 to 1653 and a great admirer of Buchanan.

It had been suggested that Adamson obtained the skull from either the sexton or possibly one of the grave-diggers when they were involved in an internment close by. The skull was eventually found in Adamson's study after his death, inscribed with the name of Buchanan. In 1653, or shortly afterwards, the skull was transferred to a place of honour in the University library and then sent to the anatomy museum in 1817.

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