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Some Reminiscences and the Bagpipe : Alexander Duncan Fraser : Scotland Highland Music 1907

Some Reminiscences and the Bagpipe : Alexander Duncan Fraser : Scotland Highland Music 1907

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Some Reminiscences and The Bagpipe

By Alexander Duncan Fraser

Published by WM.J. Hay, John Knox's House, and John Callander, Falkirk.  No date [1907].
Hardback in blue cloth with gilt lettering and bagpiper to the front board and gilt lettering to the spine. 8 4/5 by 5 1/2 inches. 432 pages. Illustrated.

A good first edition. The cloth binding is good with some light rubbing, endpapers very good, all contents present and pages in good clean condition  throughout. All illustrations present and in very good condition. Name to front endpaper. Overall a good first edition of this scarce title.

I.  Introductory
II.  Introductory
III.  Introductory
IV.  A Well-Abused Instrument
V.  The Critic and the Bagpipe
VI.  A Royal Instrument
VII.  The Why and the Wherefore
VIII.  Wanted : A Book on the Bagpipe
IX.  Old New Year : A Reminiscence
X.  An Interesting Byway
XI.  The Delicately-Attuned Ear and the Bagpipe
XII.  The Musician and the Bagpipe
XIII.  A Highland Instrument
XIV.  The Bagpipe, the National Instrument
XV.  The Scottish Bagpipe
XVI.  Bagpipe Influences at Work
XVII.  Gaelic Song and the Bagpipe
XVIII.  The Glamour of the Highlands
XIX.  No Prehistoric Bagpipe in existence
XX.  Ancient Myth and the Bagpipe
XXI.  Piper Pan
XXII.  Pallas Athene
XXIII.  Theocritus and the Bagpipe
XXIV.  The Classics and the Bagpipe
XXV.  The Nativity and the Bagpipe
XXVI.  An Old Tradition
XXVII.  The Romans and the Bagpipe
XXVIII.  The Spread of the Bagpipe
XXIX.  The Piper
XXX.  The Bagpipe in Scotland
XXXI.  Piping and Dancing dying out in the Highlands
XXXIa.  Skye in 1876
XXXII.  The Chorus
XXXIII.  The Great Highland Bagpipe
XXXIV.  The Great Highland Bagpipe : Its Antiquity
XXXV.  Mrs Macrain and the Bagpipe
XXXVI.  A Great War Instrument
XXXVII.  The Pipe at Funeral Rites
XXXVIII.  Bagpipe Music
XXXIX.  Can the Bagpipe Speak


The Author's Favourite Pipe (frontispiece)
German Band of 1739
Chanter and Drone Reeds
Highland Pipe Reeds
The Gheeyita of Spain
Old Irish Bagpipes
Tuning up the Northumbrian Small Pipe
An African Bagpipe
Photograph of Wooden Piper
Two Instruments allied to the Bagpipe
An Old Print
Two Specimens of Irish Stocks
A French Piper
The Magic of the Photograph
"A Relic of Waterloo"
The Cuisleagh Ciuil of Ireland
The Pan Pipe
A Bagpipe of "Ane Reed and One Bleddir"
Italian Pifferari
The Zampogna of Italy
The Celtic Piva or Bagpipe of Northern Italy
The Hungarian Bagpipe
A Two-Drone French Chalumeau
The French Chalumeau
The Musette or French Bagpipe
The Northumbrian Small Pipes
The Great Irish Pipe
The Piper
The Great Two-Drone War Pipe of the Highlands
African or Egyptian Bagpipe
Old Bill of 1785
Bulgarian Pipe
A Second Spanish Bagpipe
Irish Bellows Pipe
The Old Northumberland Belows Pipe
The Bellows Pipe of Lowland Scotland
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