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Agricultural Botany - Alexander Nelson - Vintage First Edition - 1946

Agricultural Botany - Alexander Nelson - Vintage First Edition - 1946

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Principles of Agricultural Botany

Written by Alexander Nelson

Published by Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd; First Edition (1946), 556pp


Fine condition hardback with dust jacket. Dust jacket is a little worn. Boards and pages are clean. Signs of spotting throughout. Fine copy. 


          Section 1: Morphology and Anatomy
- Food in General and its Several Uses
- The Green Plant: Monocotyledons and Dicotyledons
- Morphology and Anatomy of Standard Types
- Modifications of the Standard Types
- Modification of the Standard Types affecting Vegetative Propagation
- Modifications of Stem, Root, and Leaf in the Identification of Plants
- The Flower: its several parts, their Nature and Arrangement
- Special aspects of the Inflorescence, Flower, Fruit, and Seed in Agriculture

         Section 2: Physiology
- Fundamental Concepts
- Osmosis in the Living Cell; Turgor
- The Output of Water by the Plant
- Adjustment of the Plant to Difficult Water Conditions
- The Intake of Manurial Salts
- The Elements which Plants use
- Primary Food Synthesis
- Irregular Nutrition 
- Respiration
- Translocation of Food
- Growth and Development
- The Seed
- Pasture

          Section 3: Negative Factors in Food Production
- Weeds
- Pathological Conditions induced by Environment
- Pathological Conditions induced by Virus
- Mycology

          Section 4: Heredity, Evolution, And Classification
- Heredity and Plant Breeding
- The Classification and Identification of Plants
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